The new Pfizer COVID-19 Omicron XXB.1.5 vaccine, will now be the vaccine used for booster doses.
The great news is this booster delivers specific protection for the Omicron strains that are currently infecting New Zealanders.

From 7 March 2024, this will be the vaccine for boosters and for first vaccination courses.
You will be eligible to get this new booster if you are:
• aged 30 and over or
• younger than 30 but at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 or pregnant.
This is regardless of how many boosters you have had. Please note, it will need to be at least 6 months since your last COVID-19 booster or a positive COVID-19 test.
Why do you need a booster? Just like the flu vaccine, protection from the vaccine decreases over time. Keeping your immunity levels high will lower your chances of getting very sick from COVID-19 or ending up in hospital.

First doses are recommended from age 12 years.

Bookings are OPEN NOW on the Patient Portal
- Go to Appointments, select Book Appointment, select Reason for Appointment , choose Book with Nurse, choose Covid Vaccine 30+ Omicron XXB.1.5, select from available appointments.
- or just ring reception.