Our Services & Associated Providers

It is ideal to see the same doctor on an ongoing basis.
However, you are welcome to see other doctors in our clinics or the Nurse Practitioner (eg if you are unable to get an appointment with your usual doctor.)

Consultations normally last up to 15 minutes.
We endeavour to see all people when they choose to be seen. If you know that you need to have a regular review visit, it is best to book several days in advance.
If you can not keep an appointment, please cancel as soon as possible so that we can reallocate the appointment.
We will always endeavour to see sick children if the parent feels they need to be seen urgently.
We are able to deal with accidents, burns and sports injuries urgently if necessary.
Although we try our best to keep to time, inevitably due to the unpredictable nature of medicine, there will be times when you experience delays in seeing the Doctor or Nurse.
Some things you can do to help us run on time are:
Arrive on time for your appointment and report to reception.
If you think your problem may need extra time, please advise the receptionist when you make the appointment, for example, multiple problems, insurance or immigration medical examinations, minor operations.
If the purpose of your visit is for a drivers license, insurance or immigration medical examination, please advise the nurse on arrival, who will then assist you in completing some sections of the forms.

  • If you are too ill to come to the clinic, the doctor will visit you if possible.
  • Most problems are best handled at the clinic because of facilities available here.
  • If you think you need a visit, phone and discuss it with the nurse.

  • Results are available to view once signed off by the doctor on the patient portal - www.myindici.co.nz or the app MyIndici
  • We will notify you via the portal or by phone, text or email if your results require follow up or require a change in treatment.
  • You may ring the nurse for any test result, but it is usually best to wait at least 4-5 working days before ringing.
  • Some specialised tests take longer to be reported, such as smear tests.

  • While there are a few medications which can be safely given by repeat prescriptions in response to telephone requests, most medications are for conditions that require at least 3 monthly review.
  • For these it is necessary, and in your best interest, to be seen before issuing a prescription.
  • The best way to order a repeat prescription is through the MyIndici patient portal, where you can specify the medication and the required pharmacy easily
  • If you are ringing for a prescription, please ring at least the day before picking it up and give full details of what is required. There are additional charges for mailing, or same day urgent prescriptions.

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • ECG (heart checks)
  • Tympanometry (glue ear testing)
  • Blood Tests

  • ACC Consultations
    • Minor Accidents
    • Sports Injuries

  • Travel Health—Advice and Vaccinations
  • Skin Care
    • Skin Cancer Checks
    • Minor Surgery – moles, cysts, skin tags, ingrown toenails
    • Liquid Nitrogen – warts, sun damage
    • Acne Care

  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception
    • IUCDs
      • Mirena and Jaydess
    • Jadelle (implant under the skin)

  • Special Funded Programmes for
    • Chronic diseases including Diabetes, Heart failure and Lung disease
    • Family Planning & Sexual Health (free to under 22)
    • Depression and Anxiety

Marina Medical provides a broad range of primary medical care services for all age groups. Here are some of our newer services ....

  • Standard consultations are free for enrolled children under 14. (Please note there may be charges for extended consultations, materials or other services).
  • Sexual health visits, including face to face consultations for contraception prescriptions, are free for young people up to age 22.
  • Our nurse team includes nurses accredited to perform cervical smears - when you receive your recall from our nursing team, ring and book an appointment with one of the cervical smear nurses.
  • With support from the PHO we have developed programmes to provide extra services for those with long term or complex medical conditions. These include Care Plus and Wellness Support. Check with one of our nurses to see if you might be eligible for one of these programmes which provide extra nursing input along with financial help with fees and other support services.
  • Blood pressure recordings by your doctor or nurse can sometimes be falsely elevated by what we call "white coat syndrome". To take this influence out of the equation we have acquired a 24hr blood pressure monitor to more accurately assess your blood pressure and assist with decision making.
  • We can provide Aclasta (Zoledronate) infusions for patients with osteoporosis. This is administered by a nurse following consultation with your doctor.
  • If you have iron deficiency and cannot tolerate oral iron replacement, our nurses can administer an iron infusion (Ferinject) to get you back up and running again.
  • We have a resident dietitian, Alda Lee, who provides excellent advice for weight, diabetes and cholesterol management. Alda can also advise patients with special dietary requirements such as food allergy and Coeliacs disease.
  • We are associated with several other health care providers in the building - scroll down for details ...


Associated Health Providers

We are developing other services in conjunction with allied health professionals at the Marina and Highland Park clinics.
Astra Radiology Logo
Astra Ultrasound are on Level 1 above Highland Park Medical accessible by lift or stairs. You can phone Astra Ultrasound for an appointment on 09 520 9550 or request a booking online .
EAP Logo And Name Blue 1
East Auckland Psychology are on Level 1 above Highland Park Medical accessible by lift or stairs. To arrange an appointment, go to their Contact Us webpage .
Marina Specialists
Marina Specialists is right next door to Marina Medical and consists of a growing team of surgical, medical and paramedical specialists. Contained within Marina Specialists is an operating theatre for procedures under local anaesthesia and sedation.
Marina Physio
We are working closely with Marina Physio who, in addition to the usual physiotherapy services, are providing activity based programmes to help manage chronic medical conditions and musculoskeletal problems.
Marina Fitness
Marina Fitness is in the same building as Marina Medical. This upmarket club boasts top trainers, the latest easy to use equipment, and an intimate group fitness studio.
Unichem Marina Pharmacy is situated adjacent to the entrance foyer on the ground floor of the Compass Building. The pharmacy team operate closely with us to meet all your prescription dispensing needs. You can phone the pharmacy on 09 534 5638.

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